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I can overlook it Aso,kujyu,Sobo
It is 90 minutes from Kumamoto
It is 140 minutes from Fukuoka of
Outdoor field

What kind of thing can you experience when you go to the village camping village of Gokase?

Canoe experience, tubing, river trekking,trekking, ski, snow shoes, woodwork, cooking class...etc    





Check out the vacancy


Mini log  ~private~ 


The staying with two persons is possible.

Bungalow ~private~


One floor bungalow

A bungalow. 3 people can stay.


Two-story Bungalow ~dorm~



Male dorm, Female dorm, Mix dorm


Bungalow with loft. 5 people can stay.

Which has it`s own toilet and kitchen.

Tent site


Tent site rental   ¥1,750

Tent site carry-on    ¥550 

It is a rate for one

Reception area

Many people's customer and various use are possible.

Outdoor kitchen


Faucet, chair, table, BBQ area

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